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Driving Defensively

When you drive defensively, you are always looking for potential trouble on the road. Other drivers and external hazards, like weather and vehicle issues, can put you at risk for accidents. For instance, distracted drivers cause one in four crashes. Whether you are dealing with aggressive or distracted drivers, safety and awareness are your top priorities. This training course provides tips on becoming a better defensive driver. The course begins with basic defensive driving methods, like how to use a safe following distance on the road. It continues by offering ways to cope with distracted and aggressive drivers. Headlight use is covered, as well as how to travel safely in inclement weather. Lastly, the course reviews how to manage a vehicle issue when driving, and how to safely share the road with larger vehicles. Knowing your risks on the road can lower your chances of an accident. The road can be a dangerous place; however, the information provided in this training will better prepare you to act quickly and safely when faced with distractions or hazards.

9 Lessons
18-28 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions