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Preventing And Managing Fatigue For CMV Drivers

CMV drivers must meet specific requirements and possess certain skills; all of which relate directly and indirectly to their safety and the safety of all other drivers who share the road with them. This course spotlights one of the most important factors, quality sleep. While problem-solving, quick decision-making, and good judgement are some of the most stressed CMV driving skills, quality sleep is equally vital. And, as this course shows, preventing and managing fatigue caused by lack of sleep plays a key role in assuring CMV drivers can execute all other skills safely and effectively. Clearly and convincingly, this course teaches why and how to acquire and apply the habits and strategies necessary to stay awake and alert while behind the wheel. Present this course to ensure all CMV drivers adopt and practice healthy sleep habits both at home and on the road.

5 Lessons
17-27 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions