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About Video Training Power

VideoTrainingPower.com is committed to connecting instructors to valuable resources to get them started with highly effective training initiatives. VideoTrainingPower.com offers a product line of 100% Video On Demand (VOD) content, allowing you to instantly stream training videos to any classroom.

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Why Video on Demand?

A membership with VideoTrainingPower.com gives you access to a library of thousands of training videos to use in your classroom.

Instead of investing in DVDs, which sticks you with the same content to use year over year, you'll have access to a catalog of high-quality courses that is constantly evolving.

Don't wait for next year's budget to use new content. You can swap out which content you use in your classroom sessions at will. With this annual subscription you can use any course in the library in as many classroom sessions as you want.

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Our roots run deep

Our parent company, Mastery Technologies, was founded in 1974 and has partnered with leading video content providers to co-produce the largest interactive multimedia training library available to the workplace health, safety and environmental marketplace. Today, we are extending our model to encompass all areas of workplace training.

We have helped thousands of companies develop greater competency and have created safer and secure workplaces. By expanding the scope of training we believe we can expand customer benefits building more successful and effective organizations. Mastery‘s ultimate vision is to help reach every working individual with quality training.

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Enrich your classroom experience today!

With one simple subscription, only $495 per instructor per year, you can access our entire library of content and something or other should go here this is placeholder content.
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