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Legal Social Media at Work for Managers

A recent study showed the excessive use of social media cost U.S. employers $650 billion in productivity in 2012. This is largely because the line between employees’ work and personal lives has become blurred. As this course illustrates, when social media information is shared across a manager’s work and personal lives, posting can become a costly, distracting and dangerous activity. With a detailed explanation of what social media is and includes, this course teaches managers what is meant by “The Never List” and why it’s important to be careful of what they post. Upon learning how confidential information and rights to privacy apply to social media, leaders quickly learn how and why those who don’t respect workplace social media protocols put themselves and the company at risk of litigation. Present this course to teach managers the scope and implications of inappropriate social media usage and posts.

6 Lessons
11-21 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions