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Ethics – Corporate

The term ethics is easy to define but hard to put into practice. Acting ethically means doing the right thing, making moral decisions, and engaging in an environment of mutual trust. This training video depicts several common scenarios you may face while at work, and how you should ethically respond in each of them. Gifts, for example, may be harmless in certain instances. In others, they can be used to try and influence your opinion or decision on a particular matter. This course provides examples related to gifts/bribes, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment, and privacy. Sometimes, the ethical choice is easy to see, and other times, the line between the ethical and the unethical is harder to discern. It is critical to be able to identify that line and understand how to remain on the ethical side. Utilize the information presented in this ethics training course and learn how to be more ethical while on the job.

9 Lessons
26-36 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions