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Injury Prevention For CDL Drivers

Almost daily, there is news about a horrific accident on the highway, many of them involving trucks. Interestingly, most of the injuries CDL drivers experience aren’t a result of collisions. Spotlighting incidents that occur in and around trucks, as opposed to while driving a truck, this vital course shows drivers how to prevent on-the-job injuries. This course shows different types of injuries caused by activities such as hooking up a trailer, getting in and out of a cab safely, or loading and unloading cargo. Upon learning how these injury-causing activities are far more common, threatening, and preventable than collisions, drivers then learn what to do to ensure they aren’t victims of these hazardous mishaps. Present this course so CDL drivers know how to prevent injuries caused by their work in and around their trucks.

7 Lessons
20-30 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions