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Backing, Parking and Intersections

While driving behaviors can become secondhand, it is crucial to take the extra time and concentration to practice safe driving every time you hit the road. Utilize the methods found in this video and instruct your employees on the proper safety methods for backing, parking, and intersections, thereby providing them with a renewed perspective on safe driving. There are over three million backing accidents per year, which in turn result in four billion dollars in damages and one thousand lost lives. This training lesson teaches the keys to backing up safely, as well as the actions and situations to avoid while backing a vehicle. Use these instructions to educate your employees on how to evaluate a parking space, park correctly, and curb properly. Being a defensive driver is not the only way to help avoid accidents, one must also be a conscientious driver. With the material presented here, you will be able to show your employees how to be safer drivers and avoid accidents.

5 Lessons
18-33 Minutes
15 Questions