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Safety Awareness For New Employees

Starting a new job always gives you a lot to think about. You have new responsibilities, new policies and procedures, and new coworkers. While there may be a significant amount of information you need to absorb, you must not forget about workplace safety. This safety training video explores some of the hazards you may encounter at your workplace, while providing safe work practices you can employ to help yourself and your coworkers avoid accidents and injuries. Every workplace has some hidden hazards. A puddle on the floor or wearing the wrong kind of shoe could cause you to slip, and debris on the floor could cause you to trip and fall. Of course, workplaces with heavy machinery pose an entirely new set of hazards. You need to be able to use hand and power tools safely, and you also must be aware of your company’s Lock-Out/Tag-Out protocols. You must also be aware of the proper PPE, or personal protective equipment, for a given situation, as well as how to respond to, and prevent, fires. This course provides an overview of all these areas of workplace safety. Utilize the information presented in this training lesson and learn how to increase your safety awareness while on the job.

10 Lessons
34-44 Minutes
Closed Captioning
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