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Scissor Lifts In Industrial And Construction Environments

When working on inside and outdoor construction sites, getting to high places sometimes requires a scissor lift. However, there are hazards associated with scissor lifts workers need to know about to stay safe and compliant with OSHA and ANSI. Created to bring awareness to all employees who use or work near scissor lifts, this course teaches employees how to comply with scissor lift regulations while guarding against their potential hazards. Collectively, each of the 7 topical modules in this course gives workers a thorough working knowledge of ANSI and OSHA standards and regulations regarding scissor lifts and what is included in a scissor lift’s “Safe Use Program.” Present this course to provide all employees with the basis for working compliantly and safely on and around scissor lifts.

9 Lessons
23-33 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions