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The Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms: To The Point

One of the main purposes of safety training is to control hazards and prevent injuries. Boom and scissor lifts are potentially very dangerous, so it’s important for operators to be focused and follow safe practices when using them. This safety training course explains the safety precautions training lift operators must know before they are qualified. This course covers pre-operational inspection, travel path inspection, mounting and moving the lift, basic safe work practices, and lowering and dismounting the platform. The section on basic safe work practices includes many practical and important points, such as: always look out for overhead objects and approach them slowly; keep both feet on the platform; never stand on the guard rails or use ladders; and, never use the lift as a crane. Watch this training course to learn how to safely operate an aerial lift.

8 Lessons
12-21 Minutes
Closed Captioning
9 Questions

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