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Evacuation Procedures In Transportation And Warehouse Environments

Evacuations aren’t something that always occur, but it is important to be prepared for them if they do happen. The key is to make sure people are prepared to respond so they don’t resort to panic and create chaos. Preparing for an evacuation involves having a plan, map, and backup plans for evacuation routes. Conditions during an emergency can make evacuation difficult. There are tips in this course on how to be ready for these challenges. This training goes over what to do once the evacuation occurs. There are some basic procedures that must be followed. There are specific instructions for fires or explosions. Exit routes and how to handle the unexpected must be considered. Hazmat evacuations have their own protocols. This training also examines active shooting situations. Security measures must be set up to protect people just in case these kinds of emergencies happen. Use this course to help warehouse and transportation employees prepare for evacuation procedures should an emergency in the workplace occur.

8 Lessons
21-31 Minutes
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