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Build Upwards Relationships

Demonstrating leadership as a team member, helps support your organization’s goals and helps you further your career and grow as an individual. Based on Cory Bouck’s book, “The Lens of Leadership,” this course introduces employees to the concept of “followership”, defined as upward service, not subservience. With a focus on the “4 Tips for Career Gold,” this course shows the relevance and impact of followership skills when building upward relationships at all levels. By teaching proper, positive, and productive communication and behavior strategies, this course shows employees how to achieve credibility and influence at each position and level throughout their careers. In the process, learners are given the skills to cultivate trust in all workplace relationships and become highly effective future leaders. Offer this course to increase employee productivity while building strong collaborative relationships across all departments, teams, and levels.

5 Lessons
11-15 Minutes
5 Questions