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Walking And Working Surfaces In Healthcare Environments: For Office And Maintenance Personnel

90% of stairway falls in the workplace are not the stairs’ fault. As this course points out, they are caused by unsafe behavior. Stressing the prevalence of avoidable healthcare workplace slips, trips, and falls, this course also shows employees how to prevent them. With OSHA’s walking and surface regulations as the focus, this course guides healthcare office and maintenance personnel through each type of walking and working surface hazard they may encounter daily. From walkways, aisles, and passageways to stairs and ladders, employees learn the specific dos and don’ts of walking and working on these surfaces. Teach this course so staff members become aware of the potential slip, trip, and fall risks on the floors and walking surfaces beneath their feet and know how to prevent them.

6 Lessons
14-24 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions