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Stretching for Injury Prevention with Liz Navarrete

We often don’t consider the physical toll our work can have on our bodies, though our daily activities certainly have an impact on our overall physical health, including how our muscles and joints feel. Liz Navarrete is a physical therapist with over 14 years in the field, and she has worked with those who are recovering from workplace injuries. This course examines a variety of stretches and healthy habits to get into to keep us feeling limber and flexible, and our muscles and joints happy. The course discusses the importance of matching the stretches to the type of work being conducted, stretching needs, keeping tissues flexible, the importance of solid posture and good body mechanics, and walks you through stretches for different areas of the body. Utilize this course to help employees learn the importance of good posture and body mechanics, and proper and safe stretching techniques.

18 Lessons
20-30 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions