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Respiratory Protection: To The Point

There are many hazards in the workplace. Some of those hazards are unseen, such as airborne pathogens and dangerous chemicals that, if inhaled, could result in a myriad of medical and health complications like lung problems and various forms of cancer. This course’s main objective is to address protecting one’s respiration. This course starts by detailing the use of dust masks, particulate filter respirators, chemical cartridge respirators, powered-air purifying respirators and atmosphere-supplying respirators. It continues to provide basic, but important, safety precautions, and demonstrates cleaning and storage of respirators. This course ought to be used with all levels of your organization, especially among those who work directly with contaminants, agents and pathogens, and by those who supervise the work, so everyone can understand the vital need for respiration protection in the workplace.

13 Lessons
13-22 Minutes
Closed Captioning
9 Questions