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Presentation Skills

Market research has shown public speaking is one of the most common fears people have. While some are more relaxed than others when speaking in public, everyone can learn the skills needed to give a solid, relaxed, and confident presentation. This course covers the fear behind public speaking and where it comes from. It offers solutions for how to increase one’s experience presenting and how to build resilience. Learners gain a better understanding of what speech anxiety is and how to overcome it. This course discusses preparation tips, as well as how to ease stress and tension when speaking in front of others. Lastly, timing and tips are covered and how to add some “spice” to the presentation such as audience participation, humor, stories, and surveys. Whether presenting to a room full of people or speaking up in a meeting, some level of presentation skills is helpful. Use this training course to help employees polish their existing skills and ensure they feel confident when giving their next presentation.

5 Lessons
10-10 Minutes
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