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Maritime: Intro To Vessel & Barge Equipment & Terminology

Working as a crew member on a towing vessel, you may be exposed to the many different roles, such as a deckhand, pilot, or captain. With a commitment to safety, your crew will develop a rewarding career as a tow/tug boat crew member. Use this online training course to provide your crew with an understanding of the basic terminology to help them find safety and success in the maritime industry. Learners become familiar with the terminology of barges and towing equipment, along with tips on how to make and break tows safely. An emphasis is placed on the consistent use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as work vests, hard-toe safety shoes, eye protection, work gloves, and sunscreen. Since barges are the most economical way to transfer goods and materials, it is important to have a properly trained crew who know how to make and break tows, operate a towing vessel, and who understands the safety protocols.

7 Lessons
18-35 Minutes
17 Questions