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Legal Interviewing: Asking The Right Questions

The job interviewing process is strictly regulated by both federal and local laws. Regardless of a manager’s experience in interviewing candidates, it is imperative they know the legal aspects of interviewing and the consequences for conducting interviews that reflect workplace discrimination. Beginning by highlighting the basis and justification for workplace discrimination protection laws, this course shows interviewers the full extent of topics they cannot discuss during a job interview or use as the basis for denying a job candidate employment. From race, color, and religion to family status, pregnancy and age, each of the multitude of illegal interview topics are presented with in depth explanations and examples. Learners are then shown how to prepare for interviews and ask the types of question that are permissible and why. Use this course to ensure all interviews at your company are non-discriminatory and in complete compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

21 Lessons
19-34 Minutes
Closed Captioning
15 Questions