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Hazard Communication In Industrial Environments

Developed by OSHA, Hazard Communication (HazCom) is a set of processes and procedures employers must implement in the workplace to effectively and appropriately communicate hazards associated with chemicals during handling, shipping, and any form of exposure. Lack of preparedness and knowledge, especially when working with dangerous, corrosive, poisonous, and other types of hazardous chemicals can result in serious injury or death. Accidents can and do happen, but most of them are preventable by following simple processes. This course examines the HazCom standard. It outlines sources of HAZMAT information from safety data sheets, HAZMAT container labels, and a company’s written hazard communication program, exposure to HAZMATs, different classifications of hazards, and the utilization and safe storage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Use this course to train employees who are directly involved in working with and handling hazards, and those at the management level so everyone understands their rights and responsibilities, respectively.

9 Lessons
22-32 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions