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Bonding And Grounding Of Flammable Liquids – Concise Verson

Flammable liquids are used, transported, and transferred in many industries, vehicles, and applications. To do so safely, everyone involved in the process must be aware of the potential hazards and safe work practices to follow, which is the purpose of this concise course. Focused on showing employees how to prevent electrostatic discharge while transferring flammable liquids, this course begins by providing a good understanding of static electricity. With this foundation, employees then learn what is meant by flashpoint and its importance to distinguishing the degree of hazard a particular flammable liquid present. Building upon these two concepts, the course guides learners through OSHA’s and NFPA’s bonding and grounding requirements and process when transferring flammable liquids. Use this course to ensure all workers involved in flammable liquid operations acquire a working knowledge of static electricity, the various flashpoints of flammable liquids, and how bonding and grounding works.

5 Lessons
8-14 Minutes
Closed Captioning
6 Questions