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Cal/OSHA Preventing Slips, Trips, And Falls

One workplace hazard people often forget about is the risk of falling due to slipping or tripping. Falling in the workplace is a leading cause of injury, and even a small fall may have serious consequences. Learn how significant fall risks are, as well as how to prevent them, per California OSHA regulations, through this on-demand video training. Wet and slippery floors, cluttered work areas, extension cords, improper footwear, running, and not paying attention are all hazards that increase the chance of slips, trips, and falls. To understand how to prevent these injuries, you must first know how they occur. This course demonstrates the three main factors contributing to a loss of balance: gravity, friction, and momentum. The course continues to show learners how to prevent falls by correcting hazards and using safe work practices. Utilize the information presented in this training lesson and learn how to better protect yourself from slips, trips, and falls.

7 Lessons
12-21 Minutes
Closed Captioning
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