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Back Safety In Food Processing And Handling Environments

More than one million back injuries occur in the workplace every year. Back pain and back injuries are common and cause a lot of missed days from work. The good news is most back injuries are preventable! This course shows food processing and handling workers how to protect their backs at work and at home. The training starts by showing the parts of the back to help explain how and why injuries occur. The course continues to demonstrate the preventative measures to prevent injuries. In food processing environments, posture is incredibly important to prevent injuries. This course shows tips to help someone in any position at work, so they don’t put pressure or stress on different parts of their back. Lifting boxes and other items incorrectly are one of the biggest reasons for back injuries. This course shows employees how to lift things safely and how to take care of their backs at home. Help your employees keep their backs healthy with this back safety training course.

7 Lessons
15-25 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions