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Dump Truck Safety For Operators And Pedestrians

Dump trucks are one of the most common types of heavy equipment and can be found on most sites where hauling heavy loads is needed. However, just because dump trucks are common, that doesn’t mean they are safe to be around. Many hazards are related to dump trucks all operators should be aware of. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dump trucks cause 25% of all run-over and back-over deaths in the construction industry. This online training course provides an overview of dump truck hazards and operator safety tips to ensure your team makes safety the top priority. The dump truck hazards covered in this training include run-over and back-over incidents, property damage, contact with overhead electrical lines, falls, and tip-over incidents. This course also provides general safety tips for operators such as pre-use inspection and safe driving practices. Use this online course to bring awareness to your team about the hazards associated with dump trucks.

9 Lessons
14-21 Minutes
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