Refresher Training: Re-train employees and Refresh titles you use all the time

December 21, 2022

Are your employees sick of seeing the same training video year after year? Has the DVD you once spent several hundred dollars on become a cheap joke? Using the same materials repeatedly over time may cause learners to not take the topic being covered as seriously as they should. Showing the same training video gets old fast, and may cause you to lose the interest of your learners.

Refresher Training

Many training programs incorporate refresher training using the same materials time and time again. Reusing the same expensive DVDs is a problem of the past; now keep people interested by presenting learners with a flow of fresh training videos. The Video On Demand format and pay-per-view pricing model on allows you to do just that.

Video On Demand in the Classroom

Video On Demand courses can be played instantly on your HDTV or with a projector. With a selection of bit-rates available there should be a format fit for the internet and network conditions you are working under. Once you purchase a play, the video is immediately available for your use.

As an instructor you can show a VOD from start to finish with one click, or go between topics using the topic tabs. At the end of the course a quiz is presented to help extend the learning process, and could be presented to learners individually or taken as a class encouraging group discussion of important points.


DVDs usually cost hundreds of dollars and leave you stuck to re-play the same content time and time again. The pay-per-view pricing model allows you to pay for each play, allowing you to select a new course the next time you need to cover the same topic. This way you make the most of your budget, getting more titles for your dollar. offers multiple titles for many topics, so you can rotate courses based on keeping several titles on the same topic in your library.

Refresh Your Training Program with Video On Demand

Don’t be held back by the constraints of using expensive training DVDs, buy Video On Demand courses to keep your program fresh and budget-friendly.