React to any crisis, Provide training instantly

December 21, 2022

Do you have room in your budget when the unexpected need for training comes up? When you rely on using expensive DVDs, your budget quickly gets eaten up by required training topics. With no budget left, what will you do when a crisis or unforeseen training opportunity emerges?

Crisis in the news

Sometimes events happening around the world make us realize the potential for crisis within our own organizations. If a company’s blunder makes for a nationwide scandal or an instance of workplace violence creates a tragedy, you might find yourself wondering how your own employees would handle those situations.

Don’t let a story in the news frighten you; let it help create a motivation for learning within your organization. Take the first step in preparing your organization to stand strong in the face of adversity. Organizations that plan for crises are often the ones who come through with the least amount of damage. As the news creates interest in a topic, use Video On Demand training when readiness to learn is at its peak.

Situations on the job

Incidents may occur on the job, creating opportunities for “teachable moments.” If an employee injures themselves or someone uncovers an oversight, instead of correcting the problem only on a one-on-one basis use online video training to provide important information to ALL of your effected employees.

Issues may come up for topics you don’t normally cover in training. Video On Demand courses are purchased on a per-play basis, so you can add titles not normally included in your library. Provide employees with material specific to the timeliness of the situation at hand.

Train Instantly with Video On Demand

The Video On Demand and pay-per-play pricing model allows you to purchase training videos and instantly present the material to your employees. Video On Demand training is available when you need it the most. Since you only pay for what you need, select titles based on the immediate needs of your organization.

Video On Demand courses are designed to fit in a classroom setting, allowing you to train a large group of employees at one time. To minimize work interruptions, employees can take training courses online from their desktops at their convenience according to their daily workflow.

Keep your employees up to date with all the necessary and important information by using Video On Demand training as a tool to help you respond to any crisis.