Mastering Lab Safety Training: Top Online Course Recommendations

May 20, 2024
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Scientists, engineers and other innovators who work in laboratories are responsible for creating new medical and technological advancements to improve the world around us. However, this can’t be done without protective measures in place. 

How can employers ensure their labs are safe and their employees are well-versed in best practices for daily work? The answer is lab safety training. Here, we’ll go over the top online courses your team can take advantage of and what each covers. 

Why Training Matters

Laboratory safety training fosters a safer work environment and reduces the risk of injuries, property damage, hazardous materials releases and more. With countless dangers in this type of workplace, workers can never be too safe, especially when handling chemicals and other potentially harmful materials. 

Understanding the correct procedures and implementing electrical safety, radiation safety, chemical safety and fire safety training can help your team prevent accidents such as spills, fires and exposure to harmful chemicals or biological agents. Also, proper training teaches workers how to handle and dispose of hazardous waste correctly, reducing the risk of environmental contamination. 

On top of safety, compliance is another important reason why protective measures must be in place. Many regulatory bodies, such as OSHA, require employers to provide safety training to employees working with hazardous materials or in potentially dangerous environments. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid legal penalties or fines. 

Safety training teaches teams how to use equipment and tool best practices. Proper use and maintenance of lab equipment can prolong its lifespan and ensure it functions for years to come, reducing the risk of accidents and saving your organization money by not having to replace tools often. 

Video Training Power Courses: What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a better, more personable way to transfer industry expertise to your workforce, Video Training Power is your solution. With a subscription, you get access to the world of streaming videos tailored to meet your needs and training requirements. 

Here are just a few of the lab safety training courses you will have access to after signing up for our services:

Laboratory Safety: Preventing Contamination in the Laboratory 

In this course, workers will be shown how easy it is to contaminate themselves, work surfaces, equipment and other people when not paying attention and how to avoid it. It goes over laboratory safety fundamentals and demonstrates how safe work practices, engineering controls, good housekeeping and protecting materials and equipment can create a safer environment for your lab workers.

Some tips you can expect to learn about include:

  • Keeping work surfaces and equipment clean.
  • Decontaminating all equipment after use.
  • Paying close attention to cleaning any shared tools.
  • Employing the proper procedures while cleaning up.

Laboratory Safety: Orientation to Laboratory Safety

The Orientation to Laboratory Safety training session teaches how safety plays a role in labs and goes over proper safety procedures to follow at work. Because there are a lot of moving parts and people in any lab environment, it’s vital teams know how to protect themselves. This course will cover the following best practices to utilize in a lab setting:

  • Knowing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to wear.
  • Utilizing the Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • Correctly storming and labeling your chemicals.
  • Emergency preparedness for events involving radioactive material or hazardous waste.

Laboratory Safety: Laboratory Hoods

There are countless tools and equipment that your team must know how to use to be safe and productive at work and improve indoor air quality. However, this information isn’t second nature — it must be learned. This course demonstrates the uses of laboratory hoods and how they benefit the workplace. Viewers of Laboratory Hoods will be familiarized with the standard airflow and face velocity tests that must be conducted periodically to ensure chemical lab hoods are operating properly. 

Your team can also learn:

  • Any relevant information regarding hazard communication, like chemical hoods, biohazard hoods and radioisotope hoods.
  • How to work safely within a hood.
  • Which hood to use with different materials. 

Discover an Up-to-Date Training Solution for Your Modern Workforce

Video Training Power provides employers with modern, on-demand laboratory safety training courses that work well for classroom-style discussions and engaging lessons. Give your employees the best possible training experience to better prepare them to keep themselves and the other workers as safe as possible. 

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