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Working Safely After a Pandemic

Our country has experienced pandemics before, but for many, these are uncharted waters. Every aspect of our lives is being disrupted by the coronavirus, and as we begin returning to work, we must act proactively and take extra measures to ensure our health is protected. After all, new research suggests the virus can live on a surgical mask, plastic, and stainless steel for seven days, on glass and money for four days, and on paper for three hours. Through this on-demand training course, you will learn key safety measures to protect yourself as you return to work, and then protect your family as you return home from work. This course explains several preventive measures you should follow as we move forward. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of their workplace. Guidance, however, must start at the top. This course explains what leadership should put into place before bringing employees back to work. You will also be instructed how to best protect yourself and your family upon returning home from work. Utilize the information presented in this training lesson to ensure your health and safety as much as possible during these uncertain times.

5 Lessons
8-18 Minutes
10 Questions