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Safe Use and Operation of Forklifts

Forklifts, i.e., lift trucks or powered industrial trucks, can be extremely dangerous and are involved in many jobsite incidents and accidents each year. Forklift incidents cause property damage, injuries, and fatalities. This course teaches forklift operators about the mandatory general and practical training each forklift operator must have to operate the forklift safely, properly, and productively. Upon explaining OSHA’s regulations on their use, this course illustrates the key safety practices and policies learners must follow; among them are a forklift’s handling and stability characteristics, how to perform pre-operational and operation inspections, and the measures to take to operate safely around loading docks and trailers. Use this course to assure all forklift operators are thoroughly and properly trained in all facets, conditions, and circumstances involving safe forklift operations.

9 Lessons
21-31 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions