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RCRA Hazardous Waste Final Rule: The E-Manifest System And Other Key Revisions

The EPA developed rules and guidelines in the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976 to address the volumes of municipal and industrial solid waste generated annually. Recently, this regulation has been updated with new requirements. This course provides all who work with hazardous wastes the vital information they must know in order to be fully compliant. Presenting both listed and characteristic hazardous wastes, this course explains the categories of hazardous waste generators, reviews the requirements of satellite accumulation areas and central storage areas, and teaches employees how the EPA’s E-manifest system works and what information must be submitted. Present this course to ensure all hazardous waste workers understand waste handling protocol and procedures
while facilitating better compliance with the RCRA’s new requirements and revisions.

13 Lessons
22-32 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions