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Preventing Fires During Hot Work Operations

Welding, grinding, cutting, and other spark-producing activities have the potential to generate dangerous fires in the workplace. Collectively known as “hot work”, these jobs require special permits and safety procedures in order to be undertaken properly. Preventing injury and property damage is critical when performing hot work and you will gain the necessary information to do so through this video training. Many companies have a written hot work safety program, and some areas are even dedicated solely to hot work. These programs cover the duties of individuals who have the responsibility of ensuring conditions are acceptable for hot work to be performed, the issuance of hot work permits, the types of fire suppressants needed in and around hot work areas, and other such useful information. Gain an understanding of the responsibilities of those actually performing the hot work and what safety precautions need to be followed when engaging in these activities. Utilize the information presented here and create a safer working environment for both yourself and those around you.

9 Lessons
15-25 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions

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