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PowerLift: Lifting Techniques For A Healthy Back

The PowerLift is not just a new way of lifting; it is a new way of thinking about lifting, where each lift is done safely. In addition to the basic PowerLift stance, there are five other lifting techniques for use in a wide variety of situations: Basic, Tip the Load, Tripod, Golfer’s Bend, and Lean Bar. This course instructs you on all five techniques, including how and when to use each. Additionally, you will learn about the flaws of traditional lifting techniques which make you more susceptible to injury when lifting. Designed by Dr. Mike Schaefer, a licensed orthopedic and chiropractic doctor, the PowerLift eliminates the harmful effects of the traditional method of lifting a load. Learn more about the benefits of this technique, as well as how to best carry a heavy load, in this course. Utilize the techniques presented in this training lesson and lift safer with the PowerLift.

12 Lessons
18-29 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions