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More High-Impact Lockout/Tagout – Concise Version

Nearly 200 employees are killed and thousands of others injured each year when they are exposed to the sudden, unexpected release of hazardous energy. To help prevent injuries and fatalities, your organization must follow the OSHA-required procedure of lockout/tagout when shutting down machinery for repairs. This course provides an overview of the lockout/tagout procedure, including who is involved and the necessary safety practices. This training course helps enforce the importance of performing a proper lockout/tagout. It also reviews the differences between authorized and affected employees, and what comprises a group lockout/tagout. Use this course to prepare employees to understand the lockout/tagout process, when it is necessary, and properly use locks and tags during a lockout/tagout procedure.

6 Lessons
11-17 Minutes
Closed Captioning
6 Questions

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