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Inspection Basics for Supported Scaffolds

OSHA requires an inspection of all supported scaffolds at the beginning of every work shift. With this step-by-step online training video, workers see what is needed to ensure a supported scaffold is in proper working order and how to spot possible hazards associated with scaffold use. Proper protocol for scaffold use starts at the bottom with the use of base plates, including mudsills when necessary, and extends to proper implementation of screw jacks and cross bracing for a secure base. This video informs users the use of approved pins for scaffold construction, barricades for the underside of scaffolds and toe boards for decks more than 10 feet in height helps ensure the safety of workers on the scaffold, as well as those working in the area beneath them. After viewing the video training, workers will have the knowledge to report any possible defects immediately to OSHA the competent employees required to be on site for daily/pre-use inspections of the supported scaffold.

3 Lessons
10-18 Minutes
8 Questions