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Inclusion Insights

In this online video, presenter Steve Robbins uses humor and personal experiences to teach viewers about understanding and appreciating people from other cultures. It discusses overcoming preconceptions and prejudices when interacting with people with different backgrounds. It teaches us how to understand human behavior in a world full of human differences, and to interact more effectively and productively with people. The roots of unintentional intolerance are examined and ways to become aware of and overcome these preconceptions are explained. The training shows the value of learning to function effectively outside our comfort zones, obtain new perspectives, gather additional information, overcome mindless behavior and be more curious about other cultures to overcome unintentional intolerance. Watching this video helps people become aware of how they have acquired their notions of people who are different from themselves and how to be more mindful when interacting with others to appreciate the power of diversity.

11 Lessons
71-101 Minutes
30 Questions