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Hazardous Waste Generators: Large Quantity Generators (LQG) – California

You’ve seen the headlines, and you know the costs: Hazardous wastes, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are harmful when they’re improperly handled. This video-based e-learning offers viewers a practical approach to handling hazardous waste for large quantity generators. This course covers information based on regulations from the EPA and California state laws. This course describes how to appropriately label, contain and inspect waste; how to minimize it in your day-to-day operations; and how to mitigate emergencies, like runoff and poisoning. Hazardous waste is generated in many different industrial and governmental operations. From the moment it is generated, it poses a potential danger to employees and the environment. With this training, understand the proper ways to handle and treat solid wastes, as well as learn how to reduce and minimize the amount of waste a generator produces.

11 Lessons
24-46 Minutes
22 Questions