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Forklift: Powered Industrial Truck Safety

Forklifts can save effort, time and money but these powered industrial trucks can be dangerous. This training video for forklift drivers discusses OSHA’s required training process. It reviews the seven types of powered industrial trucks and their differences. Viewers learn how to inspect, maintain and refuel a truck, along with safe operating procedures. It explains various operating conditions, how to lift a load with a forklift and what to be aware of when considering the forklift’s stability and handling. Finally, the course provides tips on how to drive a forklift safely. This online training course is a great reminder of the power of these industrial trucks to save labor, and it is also a great reminder of the hazards and risks of operating such a vehicle. It should be viewed by new and seasoned forklift drivers alike.

10 Lessons
25-35 Minutes
Closed Captioning
10 Questions

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