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Fighting Unconscious Bias In The Workplace

Unconscious biases are stereotypes, beliefs, and prejudices against certain categories of people that form subconsciously. The natural questions, then, include how unconscious biases are formed and how they can be combatted. This course teaches employees to combat unconscious bias and create a fair and equitable workplace. This course explains the types of unconscious biases that can impact the workplace specifically, including the Affinity Bias, the Similarity Bias, Confirmation Bias, the Halo Effect, and the Horn Effect. This on-demand lesson provides you with specific examples of each type, along with strategies to combat them, and an understanding of the consequences of bias in the workplace. Combating unconscious bias starts with a thorough review of all the employment processes where hidden biases may be found. Unconscious bias taints these processes, which in turn reduces profitability and sabotages the brand of the company. Utilize the information presented in this training video to reduce unconscious bias in the workplace.

5 Lessons
9-19 Minutes
10 Questions