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Come Back to Work Safely: Construction

The pandemic related to the COVID-19 virus has caused some workers to struggle mentally as they go back to work. However, when workers learn how to be a resource for coping and staying safe, the workplace becomes more comfortable and productive. This course provides tips for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and for staying safe on the jobsite. With an introductory overview of the COVID-19 virus, including its most common and less common symptoms, workers learn how this disease affects victims and how to mitigate its spread throughout the job site. From how to correctly wear and use PPE to how to maintain the six feet social distance requirements, employees are shown how to adjust, adapt and comply with all construction work protocols of the construction site’s “new normal.” Use this course to teach all construction employees when and how to comfortably transition back to work to assure their own comfort, productivity, health, and safety, as well as that of their co-workers.

11 Lessons
30-30 Minutes
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