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Collecting, Processing And Recycling Universal Waste

Every day across the country, facilities of all types and sizes create a wide array of products, and in turn create waste that is potentially harmful to individuals and the environment if handled or disposed improperly. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as state and local environmental agencies, tightly regulates hazardous waste and the facilities that generate it. This course shows you how to properly manage universal waste to comply with the law and protect the environment. Before you learn how to handle and dispose of universal waste, you must first understand how universal waste is defined. This course explains how to safely manage and recycle universal wastes. You also must know how to prepare for emergency situations, which is demonstrated in this training video. Utilize this information presented here and become safer, and more compliant, when managing universal waste.

6 Lessons
19-36 Minutes
Closed Captioning
17 Questions