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Bloodborne Pathogens: The Unexpected Hazard – Concise Version

Many workplaces are fraught with hazards that can seriously injure or kill us if precautionary measures are not taken. Bloodborne pathogens are sometimes called the “unexpected hazard” because, for most of us, we don’t expect to encounter blood or bodily fluids when performing our normal job duties. This course demonstrates the safe work practices employees must utilize when encountering blood or bodily fluids. This course defines bloodborne pathogens, how they are transmitted, and how exposure occurs in the workplace. The latter half of this course demonstrates precautionary measures to take, proper handling and disposal of potentially infectious materials, and how to appropriately respond to an exposure. Use this course to show employees how to safely respond to a workplace accident where exposure to bloodborne pathogens is possible.

9 Lessons
10-18 Minutes
Closed Captioning
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